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On some days I realize (again) how dense and slow I can be. Today is such a day.

I've seen "The Return 2" several times and when O'Neill addresses Carson's presence on the John's impromptu "rescue-team" with the words "Ooh! Doctor Beckett, is it? Well, I’m comforted." I always wondered (right along with Carson) why he would say that.

Well, tonight I stopped wondering and remembered that it was Carson who - right at the beginning, in "Rising" - almost killed O'Neill by his inability to control the weapons chair in Antarctica properly.


No wonder Jack's enthusiasm let a little bit to be desired when he heard that Carson was part of the rescue party that tried to save them and Atlantis.

Well, as I said: dense. And slow. Very slow. As in "five years later" slow.

Plus: for the first time when watching Return 2 I wondered why O'Neill dove into the water of the underwater jumper bay's flooded control room *fully clothed*.

I mean, he had no set of dry clothes to change into after he would come back. So, why didn't he strip down to at least his underwear so he could put on his still dry clothes afterward? Why would he want to sit around soaking wet for hours afterward?

Date: 2012-10-29 07:46 am (UTC)
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Da ich LJ nicht zum Abschicken meiner Antwort bewegen kann (falls doch, bekommst du noch zwei Antworten *lol*) versuche ich es mal hier.

Ich denke, dass RDA sich in dieser Szene nicht bis auf die Unterhose ausziehen wollte, selbst wenn es "logisch" gewesen wäre.
In seiner blauen Uniform sieht er immer noch klasse aus - aber ich glaube, dass er einfach nicht wollte, dass alle Leute sehen, dass die Zeit nicht spurlos an ihm vorüber gegangen ist.


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