Jan. 8th, 2012

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... http://sga-saturday.livejournal.com/78720.html

Now that's what I call a good idea! :-)

Here are three things that made me smile and gave me fun lately *and* didn't show up on the comm:

A wonderful vivid and colorful McShep+team-fic:

"Two Bells" by Punk, here: http://runpunkrun.livejournal.com/312382.html

or on AO3 here: http://archiveofourown.org/works/200122

Shayasar's "Sexy Colonels"-Sheppard-calendar-manips, here:


That's the last one she made but go back in her entries, she did the whole year, albeit not in chronological order.

And then this:


Just go and look. :-)
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Aaaand three more things. :-)

Velocitygrass' "Still in love...with John/Rodney"-McSheplets fest, here:


Because I love to see how many people are still interested in SGA in general and in McShep in particular. *G*

"Sanctuary France meets Joe Flanigan" - Interview from Halfway Con 2011, here:


Fu-dragon's gif-Sundays, here:


Hope you'll enjoy. :-)
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... today it's songvids all the way.

I chose them for still affecting me greatly even having watched them for a thousand times already. So, if you have the time, take a look, even if you think "Ah, I know that one already". You might be surprised to notice how much you perhaps still like them. :-) And in case you're new-ish to SGA fandom you might not know them at all.

First up: "Last Words" by ObFreak03:


Because it was the first SGA-songvid I ever watched, because it just *touches* me in a certain way and because the line "Nothing you can say will stop me going home" is my personal headcanon regarding the Atlantis' people's secred thoughts after EatG. *g*

Second one: "What is Eternal" by Jean9K:


Because it's just heartwrenching in the best way. And *epic*! Rodney!

Next one is a little difficult. "A Lieutenant Colonel is Being Beaten" by Thingswithwings from 2008. AFAIK it is not online anymore for streaming but only available for downloading. But if you never have watched it, do yourself a favor and dl it to watch it at least once. If you can keep it to once. ;-) It's somehow addictive. And it is amazingly unusual. Also, there's a simple vid-making effect at the end that has an ... uh ... interesting result regarding the impression you get. I'm linking to Thingswithwings' DW-entry that has not only the dl-links but also the lyrics to the song.


Aaaand - Zap99nad. "Missing in Action" is a SGA-ep in a nutshell. At the time the vid was made (2009) it was futurefic as you can see on the dates of the mission report. *g*


BTW, the link to "All these things I've done" doesn't work but it's on her Vimeo account, here:


Sadly, the rest of her fabulous work isn't available at the moment but I have asked her if she has plans to upload them to Vimeo as well.

ETA: Zap99nad answered me as fast as an Asgard beam. *G*

All her vids are up on AO3, here:


All of them are good but I can especially recommend "Sweet Apocalypse", another mini-story.


"AU Story - Kolya is a bounty hunter working for the Wraith in exchange for a steady supply of Enzymes. John's next on the list. This is what happened..."

And "One Battle at a Time"


because it's (again) a real story of Atlantis having to fight off a Wraith-attack with Rodney frantically looking for solutions 'cause things don't look good and they have to evacuate but the Daedalus arrives just in the nick of time, through Sheppard getting injured off-world during their continuing war against the wraith and Rodney fearing the worst for him, feeling devastated 'cause they got closer to each other, finally having to look and fight for a solution to John's condition alone, since apparently nobody else is able to help John, up to Johns slow recovery and getting back on his feed and into shape, concluding with the two of them being back in the war and finally winning it which means, the evacuated people can come back and Atlantis finally has peace.

Can you tell that I really, really *love* it? :-)


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