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Despite the questionable science (medical an otherwise - *handwaves*) in this episode and a few questionmarks in my head which are there since I've seen the ep for the first time (i. e. Teyla being able to identify the hurt guy as an Ancient pilot from his sleeve-patch - how? When did she learn enough of the Ancient writing and language to do that?) I still just *love* it.

From a McSheppy viewpoint: John being jealous of Sam (the fish *and* the person) - gold!

From a general viewpoint: Teyla not being all (fanonically) serene when she hears Ronon snore but getting a little revenge in their sparring session for it? Love it (and later in the show: extra points for the writers for continuing that in Reunion).

The conversation John, Elizabeth and Rodney have in which Rodney starts to explain how he knows Sam is a male. Just watch their faces (especially John's).

The jumper shooting straight out of the water.

Amusing things I've noticed long ago:
Weir clinging to John's neck with her hand despite being supposed to be unconscious. (A mistake Torri isn't the only one making it, Joe Flanigan does it as well in "38 Minutes" when he's supposed to be dead and limp but holds his head way to firm.)
John Sheppard wearing a leather bracelet along with the wristband. (I want to read the story of how he got that ;-) )

And from the "Things I've noticed five years later"-department ...

This lines:

WEIR: "In every sighting, two things remain constant: all the apparitions are Ancients; and they all seem pretty worried."

TEYLA: "It is as if they are trying to warn us about something."

Teyla is wrong. That's exactly how the apparitions *not* look. None of the apparitions give the impressions that they're *supposed* to be warnings. They look random, just scenes of things happening, not trying to pass on a message. In fact, earlier she states that the Ancient lady doesn't seem to notice her at all.

And this:

McKAY: "It’s a coronal mass ejection on a scale that dwarfs anything our sun has ever emitted. Apparently the sun in this solar system goes through an unusually turbulent sunspot cycle every fifteen thousand years or so. The Ancients have records of this class of C.M.E. occurring twice before."

So, the "Adaris" run into this 15000 years ago and the Ancient records talk of "occurring twice befor". That would make what - 45000 years ago? Which means, we can reasonably assume that Atlantis has been on this planet for not longer than 60000 years if they landed shortly after such a mass ejection. Then 15000 years later the first occurrence that Atlantis witnessed, 15000 years later the second and 15000 years later the "Adaris" run into the third one.

We know Atlantis got back from Earth to Pegasus 5 million years ago. So, where were they for all this time before they settled on this planet?
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