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Have Teyla address John as "Sheppard" and Rodney as "McKay" right there on the first page and I'm *out*. That's simply not her voice. It's either "John" or "Major/Colonel Sheppard" and "Rodney" or "Dr. McKay" - depending if she's talking to them in person or referring to them when talking to a third party.

And if an author doesn't manage to make her sound right on *this* small thing - when this is what you can hear/learn by simply watching the episodes and paying attention to how she speaks - then I really don't trust this author with the rest of the characterization, being it Teyla's or anybody else's. (And *this* is the minimum of what a beta-reader should actually catch. It's not only about typos, really, really not.)

It's perfectly possible that I'm misjudging the story based on this alone, but when I find this kind of flaw right at the start I just assume that the rest of the story also suffers from more flaws in characterization.

It's too bad, it was a long story and I actually looked forward to try it but after having stumbled over this right in the first minute of reading - just no.
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...why it's always only John who gets promoted.

"General" Sheppard is a frequent occurrence in SGA future-fics but I have yet to come upon a story in which Rodney has managed to become "Professor" McKay.

I know, whereas a promotion to "General" doesn't need any extra education/training/schooling outside of your job because it's a designated step on the path of a military career which you may be able to reach if you're good enough, one has to work hard in addition to a day job to earn the title of "Professor". You don't become a professor just because you are a Doctor and very, very good in your field. You have to work actively on earning the title of "Professor" - time consuming, I would guess.

But does actually nobody think that Rodney would actually strive to achieve this after the immediate threats in Pegasus have slowed down somewhat?

Or is there a different reason which I'm not seeing?

Anyway, "Professor" McKay doesn't seem to be in Rodney's future (except perhaps for total AUs).

ETA: Thanks to Istia and Clavally I'm now properly informed why it would not make sense for Rodney to want to be a professor. :-)

Who said being in fandom isn't educational? *ggg*
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I just spend a very entertaining hour on Chris Diston's deviantart gallery.

Lovely pictures of Atlantis (the city), starships, SGU - really beautiful.

The pics get bigger if you click on them, some of them have a lot of details.

Absolutely worth to take a look:

Three pages, don't forget to click through all of them.
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Gen, 2270 words.

Summary by the author:

It wasn't until Atlantis that Kate realized her mistake.

Heightmeyer adapts.

Insightful, creative and the author just has a way with words that flows. Usually I don't read a lot of stories that are about minor characters (outsider POVs on major characters being the exception because those are actually about the major characters) but I value briar_pipe as a pretty good author whose work I really appreciate and whose style I like. So I gave this story a try because of her name.

And she did not disappoint. :-)

Give it a try. Here:
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On some days I realize (again) how dense and slow I can be. Today is such a day.

I've seen "The Return 2" several times and when O'Neill addresses Carson's presence on the John's impromptu "rescue-team" with the words "Ooh! Doctor Beckett, is it? Well, I’m comforted." I always wondered (right along with Carson) why he would say that.

Well, tonight I stopped wondering and remembered that it was Carson who - right at the beginning, in "Rising" - almost killed O'Neill by his inability to control the weapons chair in Antarctica properly.


No wonder Jack's enthusiasm let a little bit to be desired when he heard that Carson was part of the rescue party that tried to save them and Atlantis.

Well, as I said: dense. And slow. Very slow. As in "five years later" slow.

Plus: for the first time when watching Return 2 I wondered why O'Neill dove into the water of the underwater jumper bay's flooded control room *fully clothed*.

I mean, he had no set of dry clothes to change into after he would come back. So, why didn't he strip down to at least his underwear so he could put on his still dry clothes afterward? Why would he want to sit around soaking wet for hours afterward?
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Author's summary: "Tag to “The Last Man”, alternate!Rodney manages to find some happiness as he makes a plan to save John."

It's McShep (though John doesn't actually make an appearance), unexpectedly touching and beautiful. I loved this one because I can actually see things going that way.
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Too tired for anything else yesterday I spent a delightful evening with that:

It's a J/R-action figure-slash-AU-version of "Conversion" *g*

Really done with great passion for detail (Johnny Cash miniposter, surfboard, teeny-tiny Atlantis-laptop, even the feet of the John action figure are hanging off the infirmary bed and bug-John is done as a customary action figure!)

And ... uhm ... yes, beware of John's bug-induced x-rated fantasies about Rodney. ;-)

If you look for something funny and relaxing to spend your time off and don't mind J/R slash - check it out.

Episode-index of the au-tales is here:

The most recent story (part 2 was just recently posted) isn't listed yet, so the links are:

"The Quantum Pint Glass"

Part 1:
Part 2:

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Shortly after I recced this vid in the context of SGA_Saturday's "Fandom Appreciation Challenge" Megaupload was taken down and therefore, the download-link for the vid wasn't working anymore.

Thingswithwings was so nice to re-upload the vid on mediafire and now we have a working dl-link again.

See here:

So, if you wanted to dl it and the link didn't work, here's your second chance. *g*
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Well, yesterday was said last day but I'm still not used to have a DW-account as well, so I'm not always thinking of crossposting, therefore - a day late.

Anyway ...

Sadly, I didn't find the vid I wanted to rec anymore. It was kind of an AU with lots of scenes from "Sanctuary" and a fabulously manipulated sequence of John and Rodney kissing. If anybody knows what I'm talking about and where to find it, I would really appreciate that.

Anyway, three little things that are possibly not as widely known as they should. *g*

Humorous vid with Rachel Luttrell:

Insightful observation by neevebrody:

And a trailer for a story I haven't found yet:

Have fun.


ETA: The vid I was looking for? Turns out it doesn't have "Sanctuary"-clips but "Epiphany"-clips. And thanks to Sinaida (LOTS of thanks) who commented on the LJ-entry we have a DL-link now (and please *do* dl it, it's really worth it).

"The Choice" by mamoru22, on her LJ:
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... and the result is just too cute. *g* Go, take a look!

At LJ:

or at DW:
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... today just one phrase: "The Victorsverse-Experience"

Written in 2007, Speranza's "Written by the Victors" caused so much superlatives that you can safely call it an "experience".

The story received 1042 comments on LJ (that includes, of course, the author's answers but still ...).

The podfic-version has a cast list of 36 players.

There was a whole "universe" created around it that includes - of course - lots of cover art, a fake that lists made-up books over books all related to the story, earth historical documents, stories written in the universe by other authors, portraits, texts, poetry, artworks and - of course - an vid to go with the story that captures the spirit of the story perfectly. I just *love* it.

If you haven't read the story and seen the "universe"-page yet, please, do so - bookmark the page and come back to it later because it's just too much to take in all at once.

And if you know it already, you might perhaps want to re-visit a little. :-)

The story:

The Victorsverse page with links to everything made:
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... today it's songvids all the way.

I chose them for still affecting me greatly even having watched them for a thousand times already. So, if you have the time, take a look, even if you think "Ah, I know that one already". You might be surprised to notice how much you perhaps still like them. :-) And in case you're new-ish to SGA fandom you might not know them at all.

First up: "Last Words" by ObFreak03:

Because it was the first SGA-songvid I ever watched, because it just *touches* me in a certain way and because the line "Nothing you can say will stop me going home" is my personal headcanon regarding the Atlantis' people's secred thoughts after EatG. *g*

Second one: "What is Eternal" by Jean9K:

Because it's just heartwrenching in the best way. And *epic*! Rodney!

Next one is a little difficult. "A Lieutenant Colonel is Being Beaten" by Thingswithwings from 2008. AFAIK it is not online anymore for streaming but only available for downloading. But if you never have watched it, do yourself a favor and dl it to watch it at least once. If you can keep it to once. ;-) It's somehow addictive. And it is amazingly unusual. Also, there's a simple vid-making effect at the end that has an ... uh ... interesting result regarding the impression you get. I'm linking to Thingswithwings' DW-entry that has not only the dl-links but also the lyrics to the song.

Aaaand - Zap99nad. "Missing in Action" is a SGA-ep in a nutshell. At the time the vid was made (2009) it was futurefic as you can see on the dates of the mission report. *g*

BTW, the link to "All these things I've done" doesn't work but it's on her Vimeo account, here:

Sadly, the rest of her fabulous work isn't available at the moment but I have asked her if she has plans to upload them to Vimeo as well.

ETA: Zap99nad answered me as fast as an Asgard beam. *G*

All her vids are up on AO3, here:[]=70

All of them are good but I can especially recommend "Sweet Apocalypse", another mini-story.

"AU Story - Kolya is a bounty hunter working for the Wraith in exchange for a steady supply of Enzymes. John's next on the list. This is what happened..."

And "One Battle at a Time"

because it's (again) a real story of Atlantis having to fight off a Wraith-attack with Rodney frantically looking for solutions 'cause things don't look good and they have to evacuate but the Daedalus arrives just in the nick of time, through Sheppard getting injured off-world during their continuing war against the wraith and Rodney fearing the worst for him, feeling devastated 'cause they got closer to each other, finally having to look and fight for a solution to John's condition alone, since apparently nobody else is able to help John, up to Johns slow recovery and getting back on his feed and into shape, concluding with the two of them being back in the war and finally winning it which means, the evacuated people can come back and Atlantis finally has peace.

Can you tell that I really, really *love* it? :-)
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Aaaand three more things. :-)

Velocitygrass' "Still in love...with John/Rodney"-McSheplets fest, here:

Because I love to see how many people are still interested in SGA in general and in McShep in particular. *G*

"Sanctuary France meets Joe Flanigan" - Interview from Halfway Con 2011, here:

Fu-dragon's gif-Sundays, here:

Hope you'll enjoy. :-)
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Now that's what I call a good idea! :-)

Here are three things that made me smile and gave me fun lately *and* didn't show up on the comm:

A wonderful vivid and colorful McShep+team-fic:

"Two Bells" by Punk, here:

or on AO3 here:

Shayasar's "Sexy Colonels"-Sheppard-calendar-manips, here:

That's the last one she made but go back in her entries, she did the whole year, albeit not in chronological order.

And then this:

Just go and look. :-)
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... would get hold of a hive full of Wraith kids?

And I don't mean the warrior clones they breed in special facilities but young Wraith just like Elia was - or even younger.

Hm ...
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A while ago I was looking for the original artist who made the gorgeous photomanip/wallpaper "Be Like Water". Well, I found her!

The first time I saw it, it was on the sga_art comm on LJ and I managed to track her down via that road again. It's by mystisblom and it's accessible here (link posted with her permission):

If you have the time and aren't too averse to commenting on a LJ-based journal, please hop over to her and tell her how awesome this manip is (only if that's your opinion too, of course) because somebody actually had the gall to steal it and use it as a cover for a German SGA-story, so, a few upbeat words would certainly do her a world of good. :-)
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I think this is pretty simple and you can break it down to this:

Toft manipulated people for her own entertainment.

Most people don't react kindly to finding out that they were manipulated without knowing about it.

It's not a fandom-exclusive reaction - it's pretty universal no matter the context.

It's not the context - it's the fact itself that matters.

If you find it ludicrous that some people feel hurt by Toft's manipulation now - then remember this the next time *you* feel bad about finding out you were manipulated.
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Okay, what we have so far:

This is not just a crazy idea but a real possibility - provided enough people are seriously interested in it and let the people at Intex Digital Sound know about it. (E-mail addy:, homepage

Currently the boss - Alex, who makes the decisions - recuperates from the con-stress but simboo is in contact with an assistant who was able to give us some - unofficial, I'm stressing that point since decisions are up to the boss and the boss only - informations.


It's within the realms of possibility (provided their boss is willing and okays it) that we could get in business if we make it to 100 - 150 pre-orders who are seriously willing to actually pay for their DVD when it's ready - and not bail out when the DVD is ready, pay time comes and the con-fever has faded. (I don't think that's a problem with people who want the DVD because they weren't even at the con - a couple of month wouldn't make difference, would it?)

They had big problems in this regard when they did the BSG-DVD. Price for that BSG-DVD was 19,95 Euros (I think that's currently about $25 but then, the Euro is sinking, right? *G*), that's within reasonable limits if you compare it to the costs of what everything else costs at a con. But apparently when the DVD was finally ready a couple of month later, the enthusiasm had faded and people had second thoughts, bailed out, didn't want to pay. So, they're kinda "once bitten, twice shy". That's why payment might be required up-front or by giving cc infos (which I personally consider perfectly normal for online-business anyway *shrugs*. If you have ever bought on e-bay or an online-dealer you know that kind of drill) - but as I said earlier, nothing is decided yet. Boss Alex is still in con-coma.

Their DVDs are always region-free, so, no problem on this front.

To greenlight the project their boss (Alex) needs to know there's a big enough demand by the fans which means, the more people are interested, the better our chances.

*We* want that DVD - the info above is what the assistant can say from their former experience - boss Alex hasn't commited to anything yet.

Which means, spread the word. Post it in forums, newsgroups, twitter, facebook, wherever you want - you don't have to explain the details (too much work), for that just link to my LJ (so everybody gets a clear view on what's up).


Also, das ist nicht nur eine verrückte Idee sondern eine tatsächliche Möglichkeit, wenn sich genug Leute finden, die an so einer DVD ernsthaft interessiert sind und das gegenüber der Produktionsfirma auch kund tun. (E-mail addy:, homepage Der Chef Alex (und damit der offizielle Ansprechpartner und Entscheidungsträger) ist im Moment noch im Con-Koma und erholt sich von dem Streß, aber simboo steht in Mailkontakt mit einer Mitarbeiterin und die hat ihr schon mal inoffiziell (weil, wie gesagt, entscheiden tut der Boß) verschiedene Infos gegeben.

Fazit: es liegt im Bereich des Möglichen (so Chef-der-Gott will) wenn sich genug (100 - 150) Interessenten finden, die auch tatsächlich Willens sind, ihre DVD auch wirklich zu bezahlen, wenn sie fertig ist, und nicht wieder abspringen, wenn's darum geht, das Portemonnaie zu zücken.

Die DVD zu erstellen kann etwas Dauern "a couple of month". Und der Chef wird umso eher bereit sein, "ja" zu dem Projekt zu sagen, je mehr ernsthafte Interessenbekundungen in seiner Mailbox sind.

Sie haben für BSG in der Vergangenheit solche Special-DVDs gemacht, aber leider machten dann eine Menge Leute einen Rückzieher, als das Con-Fieber nachgelassen hat und es daran ging, die DVD dann auch wirklich zu bezahlen, als sie fertig war. (Dürfte kein Problem sein bei Leuten, die ohnehin nicht dort waren und gerade *deswegen* die DVD wollen) Deshalb kann's passieren, dass sie Vorkasse haben wollen oder Kreditkartenverbindung - das ist aber alles noch nicht offiziell, wie gesagt. Andererseits, Vorkasse und Kreditkartenzahlung sind bei Internetkäufen völlig normale Vorgänge, wer schon mal bei E-bay oder einen Online-Händler bestellt hat, kennt das.

Zum Preis: die Special-DVDs für BSG hatten 19,95 Euro gekostet. Ich finde das okay weil a) eine Menge Arbeit drinsteckt und b) sich das absolut im Rahmen befindet, wenn man sich anguckt, wie die Preise für Cons, Fotos etc. etc. sonst so sind.

Damit Boss Alex das Projekt absegnet, muß er wissen, dass die ernsthafte Nachfrage groß genug ist, damit sie ihre Kosten auch decken können, klar.

*Wir* wollen diese DVD - die Info oben ist das, was die Mitarbeiterin aus Erfahrung sagen kann - Boss Alex hat noch zu gar nichts ja gesagt (weil ja auch nicht da z. Z.)

Was bedeutet: Weitersagen. Posten in Foren, Newsgroups, Twitter, Facebook, wo immer ihr wollte. Details braucht keiner zu erklären, dafür kann man einfach zu meinem LJ linken. Sobald ich mehr weiß, mach ich wieder einen Eintrag.
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