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Back from FedCon and still fighting the con-blues. A little thing that could help would be the prospect of a DVD that includes the complete Joe Flanigan and David Hewlett Panels and Interviews because the regular con-DVD only includes excerpts of everything in favor of having all guests on it.

BUT ...

If enough people are interested, then there's the possibility of a special-DVD including the complete panels and interviews of the actors of *one* series. At least that's what their homepage says and in the past they actually did this for BSG. *Before* this year's con they've already planned one for BSG again. Now, DH and JF were a big success at the con, if enough people display their interest then a special DVD for Atlantis could be very well possible.

That's *THE* chance for everybody who was there to get the whole thing on DVD and for those who couldn't make it, to get it at least on DVD. (Regional code won't be a problem, neither will be NTSC standard says their homepage. All you have to do is tell them which one you need).

I've already e-mailed them: (contact addy from their homepage) using the following text:

Hello Crew,

on your homepage it says that - in addition to the regular con-DVD - you consider producing Special-DVDs including interviews and panels of all actors of one series if you receive enough pre-orders.

I'm very much interested in this kind of special-DVD of the Atlantis stars David Hewlett and Joe Flanigan and would like to purchase one if you're going to produce it.

Best ...

So, if you're interested in having Joe's and David's FedCon panels on DVD, go and display your interest. :-) There's no time like the present. *G*

And please - SPREAD THE WORD! :-)

Bin zurück von der FedCon und kämpfe noch etwas gegen den Con-Blues. Eine Kleinigkeit, die dabei helfen könnte, wäre die Aussicht auf eine DVD mit den kompletten Panels und Interviews von Joe Flanigan und David Hewlett, denn die regluäre Con-DVD enthält nur Ausschnitte, da alle Gäste abgedecket werden müssen.

ABER ...

Wenn sich genug Leute dafür interessieren, dann bestünde auch die Möglichkeit einer Special-DVD mit den kompletten Panels und Interviews der Schauspieler *einer* Serie. So jedenfalls steht's auf ihrer Homepage und in der Vergangenheit haben sie das auch für BSG gemacht. *Vor* der diesjährigen Con war das auch wieder für BSG geplant. Nun, DH und JF waren auf der Con ein großer Erfolg, wenn sich jetzt genug Leute dafür interessieren, könnte eine Special DVD für Atlantis ggf. auch möglich sein.

*Die* Gelegenheit für alle, die dort waren, die Sache komplett zu kriegen und für die, die nicht kommen konnten, das Ganze wenigstens auf DVD zu sehen.

Ich habe schon hingeschrieben:

Hallo Crew,

auf eurer Internetseite erwähnt Ihr, dass Ihr zusätzlich zur regulären FedCon-DVD auch Special-DVDs mit allen Panels und Interviews der Schauspieler einer Serie anbieten wollt - vorausgesetzt es finden sich genügend Interessenten.

Ich wäre brennend an so einer Special-DVD mit David Hewlett und Joe Flanigan interessiert, besteht die Möglichkeit, dass so ein Special herausgebracht wird?

Liebe Grüße

Als Kontaktadresse habe ich die E-Mail-Adresse ihrer Homepage verwendet:

Also, worauf warten? Hinmailen. Wer mag, kann einfach obigen Text verwenden. :-)

Und bitte - WEITERSAGEN!
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...I have my Internet back. Thank you, Deutsche Telekom, you're just too good to me. *eyeroll* Now I'm going to finish that second part of my f-locked entry, come hell or high water, although by now Chevron 7.2 is ancient history. But I'm doing it anyway since it is the best antidote against lingering post-con-blues. *g*

Chevron 7.2

Mar. 1st, 2009 05:38 pm
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I've put the second part of my Chevron 7.2 impressions behind f-lock (the first f-locked entry in my LJ, isn't that something special? *g*) because it feels a little embarrassing to openly gush over my personal impression of Mr. Joe Flanigan. You never know who visits the open entries without you knowing it, right? So, it's not because it's super-secret or super-whatever, it's just that I feel better if I have at least a little control over who's going to read it. I guess most of the people who might be interested in my thoughts on the topic are already on my f-list. If you are but aren't, just ask and we'll see. I don't bite. :-)
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Just go and read the entry and then tell him your three most favorite scenes from five years SGA. Even if you don't like him personally or his interaction with fans. He's asking. We should answer. *G*
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...pretty much blew me away. Oh *wow*, just ... *WOW*, because ... Oh my god, Rodney... )


Jan. 1st, 2009 03:22 pm
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I hope everybody on my f-list has started the new year well and I wish you all a healthy and happy year 2009. :-)
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...I'm in need of another poor soul for correcting 525 words of mangled English.

Since poor Aly is still "under contract" for the last one and currently waiting for the axe, "masterpiece", second shoe, axe to drop on her in form of an overhauled version - God bless her for her patience - I don't want to burden her with a second one at the same time and therefore I'm out of victims candidates.

Again, I've tried to translate a short scene and need someone to correct grammar, vocabulary and tenses, basically polish it enough so it doesn't read too much like Babel Fish.

And boy, I *did* have a laugh when I put the text through the "real" Babel Fish just for fun. *G*

So, any volunteers?

Oh, hm, I wonder what's that cloud of dust on the horizon ...
patk: (broken glass Sheppard) each and every one on my f-list. :-)

I hope all of you will have wonderful days with friends and families.
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As I did a week ago, I'm again looking for someone who's willing to take a look at a short (max 500 words) English translation of a SGA-ficlet to point out errors in grammar, vocabulary, wording, tense etc. I'm currently doing the translation and after it's finished (probably tomorrow) I need to know if the text makes sense or if it sounds like babelfish (again).

Actually, I not only need that help for the upcoming one but for five more to come, so it's likely you'll see five more of these "help needed" entries in the near future. Just so you're all forewarned and don't start wondering when the heck this will end.

So far [ profile] reen212000 already stepped into the breach twice and [ profile] chayiana also helped me out once. I *so* owe them for that.
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Dear f-list, I'm in dire need of someone who's willing to take a look at a short (about 300 words) English translation of a SGA-ficlet to point out errors in grammar, vocabulary, wording, tense etc. I need to know if the text makes sense or if it sounds like babelfish.

Anyone brave enough? *G*

ETA: Found a victim helper.
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Yes, I know, I could do the research myself but perhaps somebody out there already knows it, so asking won't hurt. The Hoffan-drug who turns people into poison for the Wraith (provided the medicated person survives) - is the effect hereditary or limited to the person who was treated? Meaning: Will children of Wraith-immune parents also be immune to feeding by birth and poison a Wraith who tries?
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...I'll just point out a thing I really, really *loved* about "The Lost Tribe": The fact that ... )
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SHEPPARD: Come on -- what are the odds of me having the same genes as these guys?
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